• Pride

    I met Gianni at Rome's Gay Pride in 2012. I remember he hit me for his intensity and for the way he was using his hands to explain that life is a battle for our dreams. We became friends and I try to represent a heart beat into his life, his devotion and his loneliness. Gianni is homosexual and he always knew it. He’s an Italian singer/performer that lives for making art. That is all he’s interested in. The stage is home to him. He takes extremely good care of his body and loves working out. He has dreams and thinks that nothing is impos­sible if one has the right attitude of mind and keeps the faith. He loves to express both his masculine and feminine sides. The society we live in has a huge problem with a man wearing make-up, expressing his feminine side. He feels it’s essential to have 360-degree freedom within us, without judging our­selves. There’s nothing wrong with expressing whatever is inside of us. Gianni is joking and playing and giggling inside and tumbling around, stumbling here and there. This project is a window into his world.