• (Gv 8,12-20)

    "I am the light of the world"

    Claudio and I, a young seminarist, we were sat down in the courtyard of the archiepiscopal seminary in Florence, when he said: “ the aspiration to the joy is engraved in the intimate of the human being. Beyond the immediate and momentary satisfactions, our heart seeks the deep joy. When I've begun this project I didn’t know what I would have thrown out of it. By an atheistic and 26 years old girl, the idea of the faith is a concept too much abstract, founded upon an idea of love that I’ve never tried. The aspect that I’ve chosen to analyze is the relationship between young people and the catholic religion, because it’s the world really far from me, from my life. I wanted to understand where their prayers went. Sometimes is painted an image of the Christianity as a proposal of life that goes against our desires of happiness, but if there is a thing that I’ve understand indeed it’s that Christians are happy men and happy women because they know not to be alone.